Walk The South Downs Way

Welcome to Walking the South Downs Way. The online guidebook to the South Downs National Trail and South Downs National Park.

One of the many National Trails of England is the South Downs Way National Trail which is 161 kilometers in length. It is part of the 15 English National Trails that are within Wales and England today. This starts in Winchester and ends at Eastbourne. Despite that, the overall difficulty of the trail has been noted as being somewhat easy. The use of this trail can be on foot, cycling, and has a great elevation change. The highest point of this trail is found to be at Butser Hill which is at 270 meters.  The average person that is walking the South Downs Way National Trail will take around 8 to 9 days to work through all of the 161 kilometers of this trail. Of course, there are different variables at play, but the average is 8 to 9 days.

There’s a deep history that comes with walking the South Downs Way National Trail. Historians have noted that the paths that link South Downs Way have been used for thousands of years, and has been changed throughout the years. One can easily get lost in the history and elements that have marked changes in this trail from the past as they walk through. The geography of the trail features a great deal of rural paths, and small villages. There’s also a few kilometers that run through Brighton and Lewes. There’s a lot of variety on this walking path, and it goes through bridleways, roads, byways, and more. Those that are looking at trying to track the history will no doubt see the hills and different areas as arenas for defence due to the heights. The trail is very popular with walkers, especially during the day, and through every season, this is a location that is definitely one of the more popular trails in the country.

A lot of attention is given to the South Downs Way National Trail due in large part to the history, and the endurance events that occur here. There are several events that occur on this trail, and the fastest times have been around 8 to 14 hours depending on whether on foot or cycling through. Part of the trail is also used for team events, and endurance training. Those that are looking to take their time through the path, will find that there are hostels, hotels, and restaurants along some of the villages and different cities that the path comes through, allowing for walkers to take their time.

There’s a lot to see across the 161 kilometres of this trail, including Old Winchester Hill, Devil’s Dyke, Seven Sisters Country Park, Bignor Roman Villa, Queen Elizabeth Country Park, and a lot more throughout. There’s forts, and historical signage that links the trail to the Roman Empire, as the area was probably traversed by the Romans. As stated above, the 161 kilometre path can take upwards of 9 days to get through overall, and it’s varied in sights to see from nature to architecture to historical context.

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